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About us

About us

Bruno Gmünder distribution provides an interface between the retailer and worldwide producers. Whether it be books, coffee table books, DVDs or magazines: products for gay men are developed worldwide and we are engaged in the task of making these products available commercially. Vendors are not left to their own devices either: we communicate with producers, contributing market knowledge in the process. We distribute information and make the product available to retailers at a fair price. We ensure smooth logistics and provide displays and promotional materials. We are a central contact point for the trade concerning the introduction of new products and the development of existing product ranges. This way, the potential of a product can fully unfold in the market. For the joint benefit of individual customers, vendors and producers. Bruno Gmünder Distribution was established to provide much needed cross-industry distribution solutions. A single solution that smoothly interlaces marketing and logistics, the book and the erotica trade.

Bruno Gmünder Distribution is an operative department of Bruno Gmünder Verlag. The company has been engaged in the development of products for gay markets with continuous success for over 30 years. What started out in 1981 with the publication of the near legendary, first gay Berlin guide “Berlin von hinten” has meanwhile developed into a medium-sized business with 80 employees which ranks as one of the leading publishers to be engaged in the area of gay entertainment worldwide.

The Bruno Gmünder team is dedicated to serving our clients. We wish to contribute to the gay community with our varied product offer, whilst simultaneously boosting gay self-confidence. We have been following this guiding principle for many years unfailingly and are very proud to be appreciated for this commitment around the world.
In our online shop you’ll find absolutely everything today’s gay male may need. The shop not only gives you an opportunity to browse our entire product range around the clock and place your orders easily and comfortably, but also to manage your subscriptions and update your customer data. It furthermore puts you in a position to find out much more about each individual product than has ever been possible before.

In the online shop we provide you with cover and content images as well as detailed descriptions of all articles. User-friendly search functions will enable you to quickly find and order the appropriate product or requested title for your customer.
Simply log in using your client number and individual password to benefit from our B2B online shop which has been specifically customized to your requirements as a trader.

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And if there is anything you miss in our shop we will be delighted to receive your creative input.

With our best wishes,
Your Bruno Gmünder Distribution Team